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#187: Making meatloaf for my guys October 25, 2011

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A meatloaf with a tomato sauce topping.

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Why do men love meat?  It follows that men also seem to love meatloaf.  I like meatloaf for two reasons: 1) it is comfort food and 2) making meatloaf is like baking a cake – a big old meat cake!

In all my talking about Alton Brown, his faith, and his biscuits, I stumbled upon his recipe for meatloaf.  People raved about it.  He has a nice recipe so I decided to make it for my husband and son over the weekend.  I have another go-to meatloaf recipe that I like and have made a few times.  It’s a french meatloaf with hard-boiled eggs in the center and an orange marmalade glaze.  It’s pretty yummy.  The Alton Brown recipe has spices like cumin,  chili powder, cayenne and thyme.  It’s also good.  What I liked about it:

  1. it’s got onion, carrot, red bell pepper, and garlic
  2. you form the loaf in a loaf pan but then turn it out on a cookie sheet before baking – this allows the fat to run off it instead of your loaf baking in the grease; it also allows you to put glaze not just on the top but the sides as well
  3. the  flavors combined well
  4. we are eating leftovers tonight!

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it.  My husband couldn’t say which recipe he liked more so now I’ve got two great recipes for meatloaf.  Two is definitely better than one.  Variety is the spice of life.  And as Alton Brown says hunger is the best sauce!


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