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#186: Make up your mind, Tiramisu! October 24, 2011

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Tiramisu, a well-known dessert from the Veneto...








One of the things I love about marriage is celebrating birthdays together.  Last Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate mine.  We went to Buca di Beppo and my husband had never been there.  I love how festive and crowded and fun it is.  Plus, I love old-fashioned Italian food.  I also love the family style servings.

For dessert I ordered Tiramisu.  First of all, the big old bowl they brought out could have served 6!  Husband didn’t order dessert.  I asked him if he liked Tiramisu and he said no.  I thought maybe it was because he prefers more simple desserts like apple pie, ice cream or chocolate cake.  I asked him “What is it you don’t like about it?  Is it the rum?”  He said, “The taste.”  Then he added, ” And, it’s not sure what it wants to be.  Am I pudding?  Am I cake?”  I just about died laughing.  It’s a wonder that I didn’t choke because I was eating at the time.  He’s totally right though, it is like half pudding/half cake.  That’s not a problem for me though.  I like pudding and cake and any combination thereof.  I was in sugar and laughter heaven – just where I was meant to be.  Happy Birthday to me!


2 Responses to “#186: Make up your mind, Tiramisu!”

  1. Domestiç Reclusë Says:

    I looove tiramisu! I’ve had it before but thought nothing of it… till I went to Italy and tried it. I was in heaven! But on a side note, I didn’t like the pizza much… too much flour on the bottom of it, made me sneeze & gag with every bite — and that was after I’d dust off my slice! 🙂 But tiramisu? Mmmm, yummm!

    • karyl33 Says:

      I kind of know what you mean with the flour! Funny. Tiramisu is heavenly. A friend told me on Saturday that she’s made tiramisu milkshakes with coffee ice cream, chocolate syrup and cinnamon. Yum!

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