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#183: Am I a secret agent or was my marriage kismet? October 19, 2011

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Burning Spear performs at the New Orleans Jazz...

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The first time I went to my husband’s house after we met,  while he made dinner he told me to put on some music if I wanted.  He had about 200 CDs.  I picked one based on the color, I didn’t know the artist, and put it on.  It turned out to be not only his favorite artist, Burning Spear, but his favorite CD by that artist.  My husband came into the room, looked at me very seriously and said, “Who do you work for and how long have you been watching me?”  I was like, “What?”  True story.

So either I am a secret agent, or my marriage was kismet.  You decide.  However, please don’t blow my cover.  🙂


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