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#181: Caring versus Nagging October 13, 2011

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I love my husband and care about his health, exercise, medical care, and eating habits.  When does my caring become nagging?  There are many men who don’t like to go to the doctor.  Likewise, there are many wives that urge their husbands to go to the doctor.  How do you express your care without nagging?

First, let’s look at the difference between caring and nagging.  Caring starts from a place of love.  It begins with fondness and affection.  It’s wanting to protect someone and being concerned about their welfare.  It’s looking out for them.

On the other hand, nagging is fault-finding.  It is persistently annoying.  It comes from a place of frustration  and possibly despair and hopelessness.  It can often come from a place of anger and lack of control.  What’s more, nagging doesn’t work.  It can make your spouse feel resentful, defensive, and disrespected.

It is very difficult in the real world to tell which one you are engaging in.  I think the key is to look within yourself and check the spirit in which you speak.  If you are truly coming from a place of caring, you need to respect that your spouse is his own person with his own struggles.  You as a wife should be there to help, but not control. 

Believe me, I am not preaching to you, I’m preaching to me!


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