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#179: Baking = Love October 11, 2011

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Me and My baked some cinnamon rolls last sunda...

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Why do I believe this?  The first reason that comes to mind is a person, my paternal grandmother.  I called her Nan-Nan.  She loved to bake and she passed this love of baking onto me.  She loved to cook too.  One story I remember is when I asked her to bake me peanut butter cookies.  She did because she spoiled me like that.  I took one bite and said, “No, I meant ginger snaps.”  What a brat!  Of course, I’m sure I ate them all anyway. 

Baking smells like home, of comfort and sweetness.  My grandmother understood that you cannot bake for someone and not give them love along with it.  I baked for my son throughout his childhood and now he bakes too.  He bakes brownies from a box mix but it still counts.  This baking love gets passed on through the generations.  

I bake for my husband and son because I love them and because I love to bake.  It’s all love and it’s all good.  🙂


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