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#178: Home is where the heart is October 10, 2011

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I stayed home a lot this weekend.  No big surprise – I stay home a lot most weekends.  My husband and I are what you call homebodies.  We really like to be at home.  There’s so much to do at home!  Relax, watch movies, tidy, clean, talk on the phone, do yoga, exercise, meditate, pray, organize, write letters, hang out, rake leaves, garden, make soup, bake, play with the cats, sing, dance, play the piano.  The possibilities are endless.

What I like most about being home is being with my family.  Take yesterday for instance.  I woke up and got my son up because he had to work.  I made him french toast for breakfast.  I sent him off with a big lunch.  Then my husband woke up and I made him scrambled eggs and organic sausage we got from the Farmer’s Market.  Not vegan but that’s another story.  I made myself Irish Oatmeal.  I went to church and then a short stop to the grocery store for Sunday dinner supplies.  I cooked all afternoon.  I made Vegan Lentil Chili.  I also baked an Apple Cider Spice Cake.  Yum!  You can find the recipe here.  After dinner was prepared, my husband and I watched a movie and did laundry.  The day goes by fast at home.  When my son came home there were lots of things for him to eat.  I watched him play a video game for a while and then started my Sunday evening wind-down.

Statying at home is more fun than you can imagine.  Try it some time!


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