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#177: Treasuring Wedding Gifts October 7, 2011

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Wedding gift wrap

Image by scrappy annie via Flickr

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a tiny book called Advice for a Happy Marriage by Debi Dietz Crawford and Friends.  Debi was a third-grade teacher when she got married.  While she was on her honeymoon, her substitute teacher worked with her students to create a book that shared their advice for a good marriage.  What they came up with is priceless.  These are my favorites:

My advice is if there are two cupcakes and the man takes the one with not as much frosting, he loves you.

You need to kiss every once in a while.

Try to agree on things.

Love, never hate.

Share a pet.

Try not to get into fights by trying not to get angry.

Take turns doing the chores.

My advice is to say you love each other for the rest of your lives.

Give lots of love to each other and respect one another.

Kiss and make up when you get in a fight.

Be together when you can.

Most important, have a fun marriage and love each other no matter what.

What can I say, children are very, very wise.  🙂


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