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#173: Learning from bad behavior October 4, 2011

23/i365 101 Oscar The Grouch

Image by Keith Bloomfield via Flickr

I’ve been bad lately.  Very bad.  I’ve been grouchy the past few days and I’ve taken it out on my husband.  When things are tough or life is a big, ole irritant, it’s tempting to turn first to your spouse and take it out on him.  It’s easy to yell at him because after all, he’s there.  How convenient.  His is the first face you see – the one you feel comfortable with.  But, don’t do it!  He doesn’t deserve it, and, you won’t feel better later.  Believe me. 

Instead, try this: Tell him you are hurting, mad, frustrated, moody, etc.  And let him help.  

Marriages don’t work on their own.  You have to work at them for them to go well.  You have to build the marriage and each other up.  Don’t tear each other down.  Dear Lord, please give me the strength and wisdom to practice what I preach!


4 Responses to “#173: Learning from bad behavior”

  1. Annabelle A. Says:

    Well expressed & so true!

  2. wittywife Says:

    Very true. Why is it that we behave wonderfully with perfect strangers, yet treat our spouses terribly when we’re in a bad mood?

    Thank you for posting this; it’s a good reminder.

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