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#169: Using frugality to maintain my weight September 28, 2011


Image by Jarod Carruthers via Flickr

OK, this isn’t exactly one of the things I love about being married but please humor me.  Frugality is certainly connected to my marriage in that I am a steward of the resources for my family.  In addition, staying fit and healthy is also essential to and good for my marriage.  So it’s but a hop, skip and a jump to using frugality to maintain my weight.  See?  I’m not so crazy after all. 

My weight has  yo-yoed quite a few times in my life.  This goes way back to when I was in my teens. Granted, they were small yo-yos back then – up and down 5 pounds.  Thanks to the grapefruit diet, the lollipop diet and all the other crazy diets I did in the late 70s, I’d lose and t hen go back to my eating ways.  My more recent yo-yos have been more significant – 25 pounds.  My weight will go up and I’ll bring it down.   It goes up again and I bring it down again. Unfortunately, I have wasted lots of money on clothes because when I get to a new weight, I’m so sure that I’ll stay there forever, that I get rid of all my clothes!  I’ve had enough of it.  I am going to try to use frugality to keep me at my current weight.   If I start to gain weight, I will make myself lose it.  I know how – I’ve done it many times.   Gaining and losing weight is not a reason anymore to waste money on a wardrobe.  Besides, it is much healthier for me to stay at one sensible weight.  Maintenance is the thing I’ve needed to learn.  I just read a book called “Is she naturally thin or disciplined”    and it shares that women who stay thin constantly watch their size and/or weight and if they gain a couple of pounds they lose it right away before it becomes a problem.  I believe this is the key to maintenance: awareness, vigilance and discipline. 

Please wish me luck.  Have you ever had such a problem?


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