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#160: He helps me get ready for my book club September 12, 2011

My husband is very supportive of me and my endeavors.  Last night I hosted a book club meeting.  There was a French theme so my husband downloaded some French accordian music for me and burned it on a cd.  He landscaped the front yard with new flowers and mulch so it would be extra pretty. He stood outside and directed people to parking spaces.  He really is the best.  I coudn’t ask for a more kind, caring and supportive husband.


4 Responses to “#160: He helps me get ready for my book club”

  1. Luisa Says:

    you could ask for an italian husband. HAHAH. He sounds supportive. One of the major foundations to a successful marriage. Keep it up Walder, I mean Walter. See what you have done Karyl.

  2. Luisa Says:

    I love your photo but i think you should put up a picture of you and Walter fighting. Throwing pots and pans, plates and glasses at each other. That would catch a lot of attention. You could call it, I love that we can fight and love each other at the same time. Reflection of the new era. I’m being totally sarcastic you know.

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