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#158: You are bored talking to me right now, right? September 8, 2011

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The other day I was on the phone with my husband during my lunch break.  It’s usually a bad time to talk to him because I’m at the height of multitasking: chewing, reading emails, conducting personal business online.  I honestly wasn’t giving him my undivided attention and I need to get better at that.  Multitasking is evil – I’m trying to stop.  At some point in  the conversation when he had just about lost me completely he said “You are bored talking to me right  now, right?”  All I could do was laugh.  Luckily I heard him!  Honesty (and humor) are important in a relationship.  And so is giving 100% of your time and attention.


2 Responses to “#158: You are bored talking to me right now, right?”

  1. Luisa Says:

    Love our universal posts. I think your advice applies to everyone.

    Thanks for sharing about something that is so prevelant in this day and age -multitasking. As you say, it can be evil. In fact, i’m not sure there is anythign good about it. Except for business, non-profits, for-profits and govt. agencies who think they are benefitting by hiring less people while making the existing ones multitask. Little do they know that in the end, it hurst everyone including the consumers who end up buying poor quality products or receiving terrible customer serivice.

    For the record and to support your comment, I know exactly how Walter feels. My question is, have you ever falling asleep on the telephone with him. I know all about that. Perhaps your next blog can address how you can zone out to dream land. HAAHAHA.

  2. karyl33 Says:

    Very funny Luisa! 🙂

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