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#157: Marriage as vocation September 7, 2011

A good friend gives me the church bulletin from St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church each week.  Father Dillon has been writing a series on marriage.  A few weeks ago he wrote:

“That kind of life becomes fulfilling if we think about what marriage is.  It’s not just about our own ideas and plans, but instead is about our answer to God’s call about how we live our life – as our vocation.  Though we often associate the term with religious people – priests and nuns and such – the truth is, each of us is called by God to a vocation.  For many, it is the lifelong covenant that is marriage.  We might not think of our decision to marry as a response to God’s call, but when we do, it will make life far more meaningful.”

Wow!  God calling me to act through my marriage.  It gives you a much broader perspective.  Through the hard times, bickering, nagging, disappointment and frustration. Through the mad joy, love, tenderness and sheer fun.  Marriage is holy!  I always knew it.  The next time things get tough (and even if they don’t) think of your marriage as a calling – a vocation.  See if it doesn’t help.


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