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#151: Memories of our wedding day August 29, 2011

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For various reasons, I didn’t have a big church wedding.  We got married at City Hall.  It’s not the way I thought I would get married.  It was a combination of things: we were older, my son was having a hard time with the marriage, we were mixed faith.  It just made sense to do it that way.  Everyone’s wedding is so different.  Having said all that, ours was very special.  We both teared up and felt such joy.  It was a bright, sunny day and we spent the day together.  Immediately after we had breakfast.  My husband says that I got immediately bossy.  That new wives’ sense of power.  We got portraits taken at a studio  We had lunch and then a sweet dinner at  a favorite restaurant. We had bought a tiny wedding cake and ate that later.  And oh yeah, this was a surprise to our families.  After we got married we called everyone and told them.  Some were angry.  I know they wanted to be there.  But we decided together that our elopement in town was what we wanted. 

Sometimes I think we’ll hav a big anniversary party one year to celebrate with everyone.  Or maybe we will continue to keep it private.  Our wedding day was perfect for us and I will always cherish it.


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