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#147: How cute he is with our cats August 24, 2011

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My husband loves cats.  When I met him he had two cats.  He was so sweet and tender with them it made me fall for him even quicker.  I love to see him pick them up, hold them close, and kiss them.  One of our cats, Nylah, is his favorite.  She sits beneath his desk while he’s working and then jumps up on his desk in front of the computer.  He pets her, puts her down, and then she’s back again.  This can go on quite a while. 

Our other cat, Bella, is my favorite.  Of course, she’s the crazy one.  Why is it the insane animals always like me best?  Walter loves her too of course and picks her up and kisses her as well.  Our cats are sisters and we are grateful that they live with us.  Pets add so much enjoyment to life!


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