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#146: Cleaning the house (or at least reading books about cleaning the house) August 23, 2011

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I love to read.  I wish I loved to clean.  I definitely like a clean house.  I really want to work towards cleaning more often.  It’s like exercise: once you start, it’s not that bad.  It’s getting started that’s the hard part.  My technique is to wait until one area gets really bad and I then tell myself “You’ve got to take care of that.”  And then it’s no cleaning until  the next bad area materializes. Not the best plan. 

I got some books on cleaning from the library last weekend.  One was a Real Simple cleaning book.  I proceeded to curl up on the couch and read it cover to cover.  Mind you, I was reading, not cleaning.  That’s the trouble with books sometimes.  I will read them, but will I do them!  Of course, I learned a few things.  I need a squeegie for the shower doors.  So now I will engage yet another of my passions – shopping!  I just can’t win.  🙂

How do you manage to keep your house clean?  Or do you manage?


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