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#143: How Old-Fashioned He Is August 19, 2011

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My husband is old-fashioned in many ways.  In good ways.  He believes in hard work, honesty, doing one’s share, personal responsibility, and honor.  He opens doors for me and treats me like a lady.  He is a protector of me and our family.  He believes in good old-fashioned fun like watching movies, cuddling on the couch, and taking walks.  Case in point, he’s taking me to the county fair today. 

I love county fairs!  We are going to the Montgomery County Fair which is the fair I went to as a child.  My mother sold encyclopedias back then and one week during the summer she would purchase a booth in the Exhibition Hall where she did marketing, had a raffle, and drummed up sales.  My brother and I would have a week at the fair to run around and explore.  Of course I loved the rides and cotton candy but I adored all the other things too.  The award winning tomatoes.  The cows and pigs.  The creamery with the fresh cheese and milk.  I have fond memories of the fair and am pleased that we are going today.  Maybe I’ll even get my husband to listen to some blue grass music with me if I’m extra nice and promise him a piece of fudge or something.  Wish me luck!


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