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#134: Just not right now August 11, 2011

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My husband has the cutest euphemisms.  I’ve shared this one with a few friends and they have confirmed that many husbands have similar ones.  What it boils down to is this: when you ask your husband if they will do something, they respond that sure they will do it – but just not right now.  This usually comes about when you ask, get an affirmative asnswer, and then stand there waiting for them to get up and do the task directly.  That’s when you get the qualifier “just not right now.”  I guess that if you want something done right then you should do it for yourself.  If you want to be less of a control freak you can let them do it at their own pace.  Hopefully it will get done in less than a month.  Husbands.  You gotta love them.  🙂


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