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#130: His Walk With God August 5, 2011

Recently I wrote a post on my husband’s walk – his physical walk.  It got me thinking about his spiritual walk – his walk with God.  He is close to God and it makes him a better man and a better husband.  He does not identify as a Christian but believes in the spirit of the universe and that he receives guidance, grace, and everything else he needs from the spirit of the universe.  He knows that he is not alone even when it appears that he is.  He also knows that he must frequently wait for the universe to act on his behalf.  That is the most difficult time.  But he works his faith and just holds on.  They say that sometimes you may find yourself at the end of your rope.  It is at that time that you should tie a knot and just hang on!  That’s what he does.  Sometimes he waits longer than others, but he believes that the spirit of the universe acts on his behalf, even if it hurts.  The spirit of the universe answers all of his prayers.  Sometimes, the answer is “no.”

Sometimes it is hard for me that he does not identify as a Christian.  I am grateful that he believes in God and although our beliefs are different we respect each others’ beliefs.  What is interesting is that he was raised in the Christian church and is quite the biblical scholar.  That is a blessing to me in many ways.  His mother was a Christian and I know she is glad that he found me.


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