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#117: Praying for him July 19, 2011

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One of the most powerful things you can do for your marriage is to pray for your husband.  Praying for your husband is good for your husband, your marriage and your self.  For example, let’s say that you wish your husband did more around the house.  When you pray for yor husbandyou could pray that he helps you more, that he sees how hard you work.  You could pray that your husband is strong and healthy and  that he gets enough time to relax.  In paying for your husband, it causes your heart to soften and you see him as a real person with all his struggles.  Your tenderness and love towards him will do wonders.  He will want to do more.  And of course, God could nudge him a bit to do more.  There is a great book called “The Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie Ormartian.  Check it out!    She also has a great website.


One Response to “#117: Praying for him”

  1. Mel Says:

    I regularly read that and Power of a Praying Woman…along with my Joyce devotional. Great post!

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