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#112: Living an ordinary life July 14, 2011

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I used to want to be so different.  I strived to stand out and be noticed.  Now I revel in the joy of being ordinary.   An ordinary life.  And ordinary wife.  Ordinary means being humble and being satsified with the life I have. What many people fail to understand is that being ordinary can be quite beautiful and satisfying.  Going to work.  Cooking.  Gardening.  Taking care of your home.  Watching tv.  Spending time with your family.

Trips to Paris are grand and I can’t say I don’t enjoy that kind of thing.  But the truth is that we are more ordinary than we think and that’s not a bad thing.  Jesus was an ordinary man in many ways.  What made him extraordinary was that he was the son of God.  If we are to be truly extraordinary it’s because we are children of God.  So outside of your connection to God, try to enjoy being ordinary.  If you excel, do so to bring glory to God, not yourself.


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