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#107: Accepting changes in the relationship July 8, 2011

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Change is the only constant.  We are all changing and so are our relationships.  Hopefully our marriages are changing for the better, like well-seasoned stews.  There will be times that it will seem like the marriage is not changing in a good way.  That’s where I turn to God.  We don’t always undertand where God is trying to take us.  I once met a couple that had been married for 20 years.  They said the first 7 years were great but the second 7 years were terrible.  Both of them thought about divorce during that time but stuck it out.  At year 14 things got better and they shared more bliss than they had ever experienced and are still going strong.  7 years is a long time to be struggling.  But hey, this is life.  It’s the world.  I have a cancer diagnosis.  I don’t like it but I’m not just going to quit.  Hang in there.  Seek guidance.  Get the help you need.  Pray together and apart.  A lot.  Mostly, have faith.


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