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#96: I always have a safe place June 20, 2011

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My husband is someone I can go home to.  Like a beacon of light in the darkness.  He represents safety, security, and love.


2 Responses to “#96: I always have a safe place”

  1. Sexy Christian Wife Says:

    That is something we have lost in our marriage that I miss the most. I miss the safety and security we used to have before his affair. Now I am leaning on God for those things and maybe we will get them back eventually. I asked God if I would ever feel safe in my marriage again and He told me maybe, but someday I would feel completely safe when I’m with Him in heaven for eternity.

    • karyl33 Says:

      I truly hope that you get that safety back. I know it will be hard and it will take time. I don’t think people realize how destructive infidelity is. It literally tears people apart. God can do all things. He can heal all things. I pray that God heals you both if it is His will. May God bless you.

      Karyl Dunson Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.

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