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#93: Believing in my husband – or at least shutting up if I have doubts June 15, 2011

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I hate to keep harping on the grass but it is such a perfect vehicle for illustration.  He laid down seed and then covered it with potting soil.  I personally thought it was too much potting soil.  For about 5 days nothing was coming up and I feared that it was too much soil and the shoots would never get out.  I started to say something to him – my need to be right.  But I held back.  This was his thing.  He was working so hard on it.  I didn’t really know for sure.  So why not just shut up?  So I did shut up and voila, the spikes started appearing and I realized that he did know what he was doing.  

Sometimes you just gotta believe.  And many times you just need to shut up!


3 Responses to “#93: Believing in my husband – or at least shutting up if I have doubts”

  1. Sexy Christian Wife Says:

    I hear ya, I think of how I could do things better than him all the time. But sometimes it is just nice to have help with something. Especially with the kids, he is soooo different from me with them. But I think they need two very different people to raise them to make them the complete children that they are supposed to be. He has strengths that I don’t have, so it is good for him to influence them in ways that I wouldn’t

    • karyl33 Says:

      I totally agree. It’s so easy to nag. But so much better to accept and be grateful they are trying. And you are right, they offer things we can’t.

  2. Melissa Says:

    I’m REALLY working on this. In fact, he’s nicely pointed it out. I have a HUGE need to be heard and right. I married him and knew he was smart and knew he always thought things through, and that’s what attracted me to him. However, I have begun to be a little more opinionated than I want to be with him. I have realized that his way works, just as well as mine, and usually his way is the same way as mine. If I’d just shut up and let him get it out. It’s hard, but it’s really nice to be able to not worry about having my hand in everything, after all, that’s why I’m married is to share life, good and bad, hard things and easy things.

    He’s also very conscious that I want to be heard, even if we don’t do it my way, he always asks what I think, which is a blessing. So, even if I shut up, I will still be heard because he knows me that well and loves me enough to give me what I need.

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