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#89: Yielding June 10, 2011

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Yesterday morning on the way to the subway, there was a yield sign for us and we had to yield.  I looked at my husband and said, I’m supposed to yield to you.  He answered, “That’s what the Bible say” in his fake country accent.  It got me thinking about yielding and submission. 

This morning after my yoga practice I said to myself, now, time to tackle the world.  But I stopped myself and redirected.  I thought, time to flow with the world.  Submission doesn’t have to be something bad.  It can simply mean bending.  Yielding to my husband doesn’t mean I’m a door mat.  It means that I put him first and that I try to stand back and let him lead.  In the same way I yield to God and accept what he has in store for me – the good, bad and ugly.  Because I believe God has a reason, even though I don’t always know what it is. 

Yielding to my husband is good practice for yielding to God.  I bend and sway like the supple branches of a weeping willow.


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