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#81: He sees my flaws but he still loves me June 3, 2011

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Your spouse gets to see a lot of you.  If you spend a lot of time together like we do, there is ample opportunity for your spouse to see your “bad” side.  I talk too much, I’m impatient, I need to be the center of attention, I can be argumentative, I need to be right.  I’ll stop there.  Not that my faults stop there…  My husband sees all these things about me that I find unattractive and he still loves me.  I haven’t been successful in hiding these things.  I feel safe enough to be myself and he sees me as I am in all my imperfection.  And he still loves me.  And as I try to improve myself and fight against the urge to be right, I know that even if I can’t improve, he loves me where I am today and he’s not going anywhere.  And that makes me do a big sigh.  🙂


One Response to “#81: He sees my flaws but he still loves me”

  1. elderwiggins Says:

    Awww, it’s so refreshing to see these nuggets of wisdom – and within the first four years of marriage. This post reminds me of a reflection of God’s unconditional love for us – flaws and all. Thanks for sharing.

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