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#77: Walter and the Lawn May 31, 2011

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My husband is obsessed with our lawn.  It’s not looking as nice as he’d like it to.  He put down seed and covered it with straw.  That was about a month ago.  It looks a little better.  There is a mean old man down the street with a beautiful lawn.  I told Walter he should ask him for tips.  But he doesn’t seem very nice.  Is there a correlation between a nice lawn and grumpiness?  If so, I told Walter he’d have a lovely lawn.  🙂

A good friend said her husand was also obsessed with his lawn.  In the past ten years they have sodded, attended workshops and bought countless tools, fertilizers, etc.  They are even on constant grub patrol. 

What is it about us Americans and our lawns?  I like them.  Who doesn’t like the feel of thick plush green grass under their feet.  But we probably go to far.  I think that’s where the competition comes in. 

I think I am going to start talking to the lawn.  Just whispering a nice “Grow, grow” every so often.  If you see me, please know that I am not crazy.  Just trying to have a nice lawn – like the rest of you.  🙂


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