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#74: Drinking Smoothies Together May 25, 2011

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Strawberry and flaxseed smoothie!

Image by salerie via Flickr

My husband and I are trying to be healthy.  Every morning  I make fresh vegetable juice.  It has carrots, apples and ginger in it to make it more palatable.  When I’m running late, I make green smoothies.  These taste better than you think.  It’s basically 1 part green vegetable (like kale or broccoli), 2 parts fruit (like apples or berries), 1 part liquid (like water), and 1 part ice.  They are definitely green but they taste sort of sweet because of the fruit.  This morning I made a kale-apple-strawberry smoothie.  It was pretty tasty.  But after, for “dessert”, I made a strawberry-pear smoothie.  Yum!  They were the prettiest drinks – pink and green just like my sorority colors. 

Best was knowing that I was feeding us healthy things – to get us to 50 years of marriage and beyond.


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