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#60: So many opportunities for growth May 2, 2011

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The other day I did something bad.  I kidded around with a salesperson about my husband.  It was silly.  We were looking at cat food bowls and my husband wanted a larger dog food bowl because it was attractive and spill free.  I liked the smaller “cuter” cat food bowls.  Altough I did not humiliate my husband and thought I was just poking fun, I was wrong.  Why did I do it?  Mainly to get my way and get the bowls I wanted.  A couple of self-corrections here: 1) could I have let him get the bowls he wanted?  Did I really care that much?  Not really.  2) Better next time to discuss with my husband alone and leave the salesperson out.  I wouldn’t have liked it if my husband had done the same thing to me.

I felt bad after but learned something.  If I love my husband, I shouldn’t be out embarassing him in public.  Period.  Live and learn.  And oh yes, love!


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