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#51: Caring for our home is an act of love April 14, 2011

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Maybe it’s because we just bought our first house.  Maybe it’s that I’m getting older.  Maybe things have finally come together in terms of my getting it.  But cleaning, cooking and generally caring for our home feel different to me.  It struck me the other day when I was on my hands and knees with a rag scrubbing the white tiles in the foyer.  They often get dirty and my first thought upon seeing them were: those are going to be a problem.  But here I was on hands and knees and loving it!  It was like pure love cleaning the floor, making it healthy and happy and pretty for my family.  It didn’t feel like a chore but joy!  Imagine that!  But I think  that’s where marriage and family are supposed to take you and I thank God that I am finally there!


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