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#49: Having Someone to Give Gifts To April 1, 2011

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I appreciate the act of gift-giving.  It is really a special privilege.  I know that at Christmas I get way more satisfaction out of presenting gifts to others than I get from receiving gifts.  And I like receiving gifts a lot.  The best gifts are the ones that you really think about.  And the ones you make are even better.  I like thinking about my husband and what he might enjoy.  My favorite gift I gave to my husband was a framed picture of an album cover.  My husband’s father sang in a professional gospel band.  I ordered the cd and photocopied the cover and had it framed and matted.  It hangs in his office.  I think he really appreciated it.  It was a gift of family and love and although it wasn’t handmade per se, it was something I created from my idea.  It is a privilege to give to others and it feels so warm and yummy!


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