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#33: The Garage Door Buzz October 12, 2010

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When my husband comes home, he pulls into the driveway, hits the automatic door switch and the garage door opens making a loud buzzing sound.  Wherever I am in the house I can hear it and I know he’s home.  That sound equals joy because I love my husband and am always excited to see him.  That buzz means “I’m home” and it is truly one of my joys of being married.

garage door buzz = joy


2 Responses to “#33: The Garage Door Buzz”

  1. wittywife Says:

    Love it!

    We live in a big condo building and have electronic locks. There’s almost a little remote sort of key thing to open it.

    When he unlocks the door, I can hear the little whir of the motor.

    I agree, it’s the best sound, and I get so excited when he gets home!

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