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#29: Having a Best Friend September 24, 2010

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Let’s face it.  My husband is my best friend.  Not in a BFF kind of way – I have one of those too.  But in your husband is your best friend kind of way.  Someone once told me that the reason she loved being married so much was beause it was like you get to hang around your best friend 24/7.  When I was single, I would have to figure out who I would get together with, who I’d have dinner. or go to the movies with.  With my husband, I have an automtaic, built-in best friend.  The key is not to take this best friend for granted.  Just because he’s there and available all the time doesn’t make him any less valuable.  If I had a nugget of gold at my house, is it any less valuable because it’s always there?  No!  Well neither is my husband.  I need to appreciate and be thankful for the precious gift of having my husband there, for being my best friend.


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