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#26: Watching Movies Together September 20, 2010

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Movie watching is a hobby that my husband and I share.  We don’t always like the same kinds of movies, but we definitely like movies.  My husband likes typical guy movies: action, suspense, adventure, and horror.  I like typically “girl” movies like chick flicks, Christian/family movies and thrillers (but not horror).  We watch the movies we both like.  We also watch movies that we don’t really like for the sake of the other person.  I draw the line at horror and my husband draws the line on movies about Saints.

It’s important to do fun things together.  It’s part of the glue that holds it all together.


4 Responses to “#26: Watching Movies Together”

  1. wittywife Says:

    Gosh, you sound JUST like us! I draw the line at horror as well, but every now and then I’ll let him slip one through. I hate it, but bite my tongue because for some reason he loves to watch horror movies with me.

  2. VideoFun Says:

    Good post!You can see myNew film reviews on my blog!

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