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#23: Couch Time September 15, 2010

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One of my favorite things is couch time with my husband.  I get home about 7/7:15.  Once I change into comfy clothes and get dinner cooked, it’s couch time in the basement family room.  We watch tv, usually Seinfeld, eat, and talk.  It’s pure relaxation, and, depending on the day, pure collapse.  It’s usually no more than an hour of vegging time.  But I look forward to it every day.  Me on the left side, husband on the right.  🙂


3 Responses to “#23: Couch Time”

  1. wittywife Says:

    Aww, I sit on the left side too!

    You get home at 7pm? That’s got to be tough! That’s pretty late!!

  2. wittywife Says:

    Ugh! Long day!

    We have long days too, including commute time. 7am to 6pm. Too much!

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