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#19: The Sisterhood of Wives September 9, 2010

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I talked earlier about being thankful for the community of married folk.  More specifically, I appreciate the sisterhood of wives.  Case in point, I hadn’t written for a while, and my friend from The Marriage Project asked me if I was ok – that she hadn’t seen any posts lately.  I can’t tell you how good that made me feel.  Well first it made me feel guilty.  I was kind of thinking, maybe I should stop, I don’t feel like it.  But I am really committed to my mariage, to marriage in general, to supporting marriage, and being part of a community that cares about it.  So I am back!

I rededicate myself to this blog and supporting marriage in my own little way: publicly sharing and recognizing all the joys big and small of being married!


One Response to “#19: The Sisterhood of Wives”

  1. wittywife Says:


    I had no idea my comment made such an impact!

    I’m really glad I could help!

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