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#15: Friday Nights August 27, 2010

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There is nothing like coming home after a long week to Friday night with my husband.  We usually do some sort of take-out.  Lately, to be healthier and save money we do “take-out” at the grocery store.  We get things like sushi, soup, deli meats, baked or fried chicken in the prepared foods section.  OK – maybe it’s not too healthy! 

Then we usually eat in the family room while watching a movie or tv.  It’s so fun.  I think Friday night is my favorite time of the week. 

A co-worker once said that being married is like getting to hang out with your best friend all the time.  So true!


2 Responses to “#15: Friday Nights”

  1. wittywife Says:

    I love the weekends, too. Counting down the minutes until we can just relax together.

    Have a nice weekend!

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