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#13: Forgiving August 25, 2010

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Being married, you get to forgive.  Forgiving is good for the soul.  God forgives and expects us to forgive others.  Forgiving frees us up.  It opens our hearts.  We are easier on ourselves.  Forgiveness is not only a balm for the heart and soul of the forgiven, but for us as well.

I forgive my husband; I forgive myself.


4 Responses to “#13: Forgiving”

  1. wittywife Says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    It’s so easy to hold on, hold a grudge, hold anger.

    But you’re right, forgiving is so freeing, and is good for marriage.

  2. This reminds me of something I read years ago.
    A lass getting married was told by her elderly grandmother that before marriage she made a list of ten things she would NOT forgive her husband for. Throughout her marriage, whenever he did something she didn’t like, she would say “Just as well that isn’t on my list!” and immediately forgive him.

    The granddaughter asked about the things on her list and the grandmother replied, “Well I’m afraid I can’t tell you. You see I never looked at the list. In fact, I’m not sure I finished writing it, but it was easy to forgive because it wasn’t on my list”

    I find it is easy to forgive when I consider the enormous forgiveness I received from my loving heavenly Father, through Christ. Since He forgave me for sooooooooooooooooo much, why should I not forgive?

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