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#242: Texting January 10, 2012

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Karyl: hi

Walter: hi

Karyl: bye

Walter: bye

Karyl: love u

Walter: love u 2

Karyl: as i have suspected for some time you lack originality.  lucky for you I love you in spite of this fatal shortcoming

Walter: same to you


#240: Shopping at Lowes January 6, 2012

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This past weekend we went to Lowes so my husband could buy a gift with the Christmas gift card he received from my brother and his family.  He decided he wanted to buy a tool but didn’t know which one.  At first I followed him around but quickly became bored.  I decided to browse around the store on my own.  Me walking around Lowes is like my husband walking around Michael’s.  I am quickly bored.  Lowes is huge but I managed to go up and down every boring isle.  There’s nothing I wanted to look at. Of course, being a shopper I did still manage to find things to buy.   I found two cute linen-lined wicker clothes hampers with bows.  I also found cleaning products and a heater. I can always find something to buy I need. 

My husband ended up getting a circular saw. 

I said, “Don’t you already have one of those?”

He said, “Yes, but not a power one.  The regular one you have to go zroom, zroom, zroom.  With the power saw it’s just zroom.”

I thanked him for that technical explanation.  Now I get it.  :)

Lowe's at Aramingo Crossings3


#239: Taco Tuesdays January 5, 2012

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I told my husband that I was planning a feature on my blog called Movie Mondays. 

He said, “I like Taco Tuesdays.”

I said, “What would that mean exactly?  We eat tacos every Tuesday and I blog about it and take pictures of our tacos?”

He said, mimicking my voice, “I had tomatoes and cheese on mine.”

For some reason that struck me as terribly funny and I broke into raucous laughter.  We were in bed with the lights off and I said,

“Do you mind if I turn the light on and write that down?”

He said, “No, go ahead.”

After I wrote it down I looked at it and said,

“It’s really not very funny.”

He agreed.  But I still find the story to be blogworthy.  I hope you agree.  :)  

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#238: He puts up with my ugly pants January 4, 2012

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Gifts don’t have to cost money.  You can make something for someone.  Or do something for them.  One of the free gifts I’m going to give my husband is the gift of ridding myself of an ugly pair of pants.  They are so ugly they are oogley.  They are lounge pants/pajama bottoms and they are pretty awful.  Made of fleece, they are dark blue with big pink hearts.  They are not flattering on me.  They don’t look that great off either.  I’ve had them about a year and now they are starting to bead up a bit.  He made a comment about them one day and the last time I looked at myself in the mirror with them on I told myself, “Time to give these away.”  I just washed and dried them and they have gone into the goodwill bag. 

This is a gift to me as well.  If I ever get on What Not to Wear, I don’t want Stacy and Clinton finding those in my closet!  I love that show.  Whenever I have on anything a bit stylish my husband calls me “Little Miss Who Not To Be” after that show.  :)

I wonder what possessed me to get them in the first place.  Do you have any really ugly pieces of clothing that you just can’t seem to part with? 

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#234: He loves me even if I gain a few pounds December 28, 2011

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pru belly tuft
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Fat belly's
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Can we talk?  One of the things I don’t like about the holidays is all the yummy food and sweets. Of course, that’s one of the things I like as well.  Too much.  I have a tendency to gain a few pounds during the holidays.  Last week I told my sister-in-law that we should have a no-sugar pledge.  I broke it the next day!  Someone sent me a big tin of chocolate chip cookies – my weakness.

I think I may have found a solution though.  I may just buy one of those pregnancy bands to hold it all in.

Belly Band

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Seriously, after the New Year, I am going on a serious detox diet.

Anyway, back to my husband.  He loves me.  In sickness and in health.  In thinness and in thick!  :) 


#230: Couch dancing December 22, 2011

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Red sofa

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OK.  How to explain this.  We watch a lot of tv.  And movies.  We hang out on the couch a lot.  When a good song comes on tv, like a commercial or the Law & Order theme song, we do something I like to call couch dancing. Of course, I’m the one who starts it.  I look  at my husband and start bouncing up and down dancing to the beat while seated.  And he usually joins in.  Not all the time.  He likes to feign reluctance.  Couch dancing is the silliest and most fun thing ever.  It ‘s hard not to laugh while doing it.  For those of you who are scared, intimidated or embarrassed to dance on your feet, try couch dancing.  Chances are no one will see you and you have a lot less to lose.  It’s really quite respectable.  :)



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