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#239: Taco Tuesdays January 5, 2012

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I told my husband that I was planning a feature on my blog called Movie Mondays. 

He said, “I like Taco Tuesdays.”

I said, “What would that mean exactly?  We eat tacos every Tuesday and I blog about it and take pictures of our tacos?”

He said, mimicking my voice, “I had tomatoes and cheese on mine.”

For some reason that struck me as terribly funny and I broke into raucous laughter.  We were in bed with the lights off and I said,

“Do you mind if I turn the light on and write that down?”

He said, “No, go ahead.”

After I wrote it down I looked at it and said,

“It’s really not very funny.”

He agreed.  But I still find the story to be blogworthy.  I hope you agree.  :)  

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#237: My husband’s famous cornbread dressing January 3, 2012

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I wasn’t feeling very well on Christmas Day.  I caught my husband’s cold.  I still wanted to cook dinner but I ended up making one less side dish.  I had wanted to try a friend’s asparagus casserole dish but just wasn’t up to it.  I had also planned to make cornbread stuffing – the one my husband usually makes – but wasn’t up to that either.   I took him up on his offer to make it.  It is nice to have a husband that knows how to cook. 

We have a stuffing conflict in the house.  It’s a bit of a northern-southern rivalry.  Northerners like stuffing made with white bread.  We call it regular stuffing.  Southerners like corn bread stuffing, which they call dressing.  In fact, they all it regular dressing.  Me, liking all foods, like both.  But I am a rare bird.

Anyway, my husband made his famous cornbread dressing and it was yummy, even though I didn’t have all the ingredients he wanted.  I had one less thing to make and was able to retire to the couch more quickly for vapid staring into the television set.  Oh, the holidays.  :)   

He doesn’t use a recipe but here’s what’s in it:


chicken broth



boiled chicken thighs, chopped

salt and pepper


#234: He loves me even if I gain a few pounds December 28, 2011

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pru belly tuft
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Fat belly's
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Can we talk?  One of the things I don’t like about the holidays is all the yummy food and sweets. Of course, that’s one of the things I like as well.  Too much.  I have a tendency to gain a few pounds during the holidays.  Last week I told my sister-in-law that we should have a no-sugar pledge.  I broke it the next day!  Someone sent me a big tin of chocolate chip cookies – my weakness.

I think I may have found a solution though.  I may just buy one of those pregnancy bands to hold it all in.

Belly Band

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Seriously, after the New Year, I am going on a serious detox diet.

Anyway, back to my husband.  He loves me.  In sickness and in health.  In thinness and in thick!  :) 



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